Hi! My name is Michelle.  I am a board certified anesthetist, busy mom of two rambunctious kids and a health nut to boot.

Despite my background in medicine, I really do not support the use of pharmaceuticals as a means to achieve or sustain health in the long term.  Most of the chronic diseases that are rampant today (heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure) are due to systemic inflammation that is diet related and for the most part, avoidable.  What food manufacturers having been putting in their food for years to increase shelf life and abate cost is toxic, pro-inflammatory and disease-causing.  And despite the fact that there are factors beyond our control (like genetics), we do have the power to change and optimize our bodies through food.  So, yes!  I do believe that you are what you eat. I do believe that you can eat your way to better health.

Over the last few years, eating for health has become more and more central in my and my family’s lives.  I am always excited to create new healthful concoctions that my family will love and gladly eat – and now I’m excited to share them with you! My goal is to create products that are worthy of a spot in your pantry and make your journey to health a little easier, a little yummier, and a lot more worthwhile!

Since I also believe that making informed decisions is incredibly empowering, I am also committed to bringing you sound and relevant information through my blog! Food science, physiology, and the interaction between them is what I know and what I am extremely passionate about. I am honored that you are visiting my site, and I am excited to share that passion with you!




Over the past few years, we have embarked on what I would consider the “Food revolution”.  Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of what’s in the food they’re eating.  They are taking it upon themselves to get educated and have started asking important questions.  “What exactly are these ingredients in my cereal that I can’t even pronounce – that sound like something created in a science lab?”  “How do they affect my health and what do I do about it?” Moreover, they are starting to take action – ditching their overly processed, preservative laden, genetically modified junk food and looking to a brighter, healthier future.  The market is responding to that demand for natural and organic foods and the buzz is louder than ever!

Unfortunately, the sheer number of products on the market and the information we are having to sift through can make getting on the bandwagon all the more overwhelming and confusing.  Hemp oil, moringa powder, goji berries, matcha, MUFAs and PUFAs…What?  Foods we never knew existed until featured on a recent Dr Oz show are now “must-haves” to be incorporated into our daily lives – lest we miss out on the next revolutionary health miracle.

In reality, most of us don’t have the time or energy to formulate a daily menu including 25 different superfoods, much less execute that plan.  The good news, however, is that it does not diminish our desire to be healthy and eat well.  And that is how Gen Z Nutrition was born – Out of a desire to optimize my and my family’s health, and a need to accomplish that effortlessly.  Concocting my signature blends enabled me to simply add a dash to my coffee, a scoop to my smoothie or a drizzle to my salad – minimal effort, maximum nutrition.  Each of our products include a blend of super nutritious ingredients with different and complimentary minerals, vitamins, omegas and more.  What one ingredient lacks in nutrients, the others make up for, resulting in an exquisitely balanced and complete solution with maximal health boosting capabilities! What’s even more exciting, is that we have packaged them conveniently into “multi-tasking”, powerhouse packages.   A few key products for a few different applications, and “Bob’s your uncle”! You’re on your way to a healthier YOU!