Matcha Coconut Smoothie

Recipe - Matcha Coconut Smoothie

Matcha – A worthy superfood !

Matcha, the hero of this smoothie and the king of green tea, is made by stone-grinding whole green tea leaves.   It whole contains 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea and 20 times more than pomegranates and blueberries! Matcha also boosts metabolism, burs fat, and is an excellent detoxifying agent Рthanks to high levels of chlorophyll.

With the addition of Power Up! (our signature blend of chia, hemp seeds, almonds and ground flax), toasted coconut, almond milk and honey, this smoothie is bursting with goodness and flavor!


1 Banana

1/2 Cup ice

1/4 Cup toasted coconut  chips (Eg: Bare Brand)

1/2 Cup almond milk

1 Teaspoon matcha powder

1/2 Teaspoon vanilla extract

1 Tablespoon Power Up! (Almond, Chia, Hemp and Flax Blend)

1 Teaspoon honey (optional)

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on “Ice crush” setting until smooth. Garnish with coconut chips if desired.



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